The technologies used in the project are several and cover several aspects. Technical details of the analysis and components are available in our technical coordination website

The conventional profiling approach in business applications addresses the three layers of the “interoperability stack”:

  1. Communication Layer: Covers the range from the transport and communication layer protocols like to the higher level messaging protocols, and addresses security, reliability and other Quality of Service (QoS) extensions over the messaging protocols
  2. Document Layer: Addresses the content of messages exchanged among the applications, and the coding systems used in the messages
  3. Business Process Layer: Addresses the choreography of the application interactions, such as the requirement to send an acknowledgement after receiving a message

However, these three layers of technical interoperability are not sufficient to cover emergency management scenarios because organizational issues are also very important in emergency management especially in international relief operations. Therefore, the C2-SENSE Profiles will address all the layers as shown in this Figure: