2014 publications

Attention is drawn to the following 2014 C2-SENSE publications:

First Author
Bojan Božić  iiWAS2014
A Social Networking Platform for Semantic Time Series Processing

Bojan Božić, Werner Winiwarter and Marco Diciano

For the 16th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2014).  December 2014.

Abstract: “In this paper, we present a social networking platform for semantic time series processing which enables expert users and time series analysts to improve their data collection and collaborate on common data in order to initiate an automated, dynamic process of assignment of right data to the right user. Our approach is the combination of the research areas of Semantic Web, Time Series Processing, and Community Building as a basis for an interactive and intelligent Web portal for expert users. The basis of our portal is a bridge ontology which enables the integration of specific domain ontologies and thus prepares the stage for the application of ontology mapping and reasoning methods. Furthermore, we present our prototype implementation and provide the validation of our concepts based on two domain ontologies from an international research project.”