C2-SENSE making Sense of Emergency Response Frameworks

C2-SENSE making Sense of Emergency Response Frameworks

An article on C2-SENSE was recently published in Impact (Science Impact Ltd), a publication dedicated to fostering open and collaborative science.

In the article, Mrs Caroline Senzier and Dr Denis Havlik talk about their work with the C2-SENSE consortium investigating the key components for implementing an innovative framework to support international emergency response managers and stakeholders.

This piece was produced by Impact to help the project communicate the objectives and work of the project in a more easily understandable and accessible language to a wider audience of stakeholders, enabling widespread dissemination. Impact is a series of high-quality, open access and free to access science reports designed to enable the dissemination of research impact to key stakeholders. The publication features content from the world’s leading research agencies, policy groups, universities and research projects.

Read the article and the full edition of Impact here.