The work done in the C2-SENSE project is regularly documented in the so-called deliverables. There is a structured plan to the deliverables, based on the requirements of the project development and progress. Although often technical and very specific, they offer an insight in the project and can serve as a guide and solution for similar challanges.

The following deliverables are listed chronologicaly by their publication date, and are available for download:

Deliverable Deliverable Title Lead Beneficary

Work Package

AIT  2
Regione Puglia 7
InnovaPuglia 7
Regola 7
Lutech 8
Lutech 8


D1.2: Project Presentation

C2-SENSE project’s main objective is to develop a profile based Emergency Interoperability Framework by the use of existing standards and semantically enriched Web services to expose the functionalities of C2 Systems, Sensor Systems and other emergency/crisis management systems. (Download versions: short, long, long)

D2.1: Survey of the State of the Art

A comprehensible survey of state of the art technologies in related fields. The available technology solutions and the results of the previous Commission supported projects are explored. (Download)

D2.2: User and Technical Requirements 

The scientific and technical requirements of the C2-SENSE architecture are analyzed. The Requirements Specification document is used as a guidance of the project in all phases, and specifically in the design phase. (Download)

D2.3: Conceptual Design of the C2-SENSE Architecture

Based on the requirements of C2-SENSE Pilot Application (see Deliverable 7.1), the conceptual design of the C2-SENSE architecture is devised. A well defined Software Engineering Process is followed to ensure the production of high-quality software that meets the needs of end-users by tracking identified requirements. Use-Case Analysis, Architectural Design, Use-Case Design, Class and Subsystem Design phases are executed. Finally, a Conceptual Design document is provided in accordance with the well established standard IEEE 1016 Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions. (Download)

D7.1: Requirements Specifications and Scenario of the Pilot Aplication

The specifications and requirements of the pilot application and scenario are defined. The conformity of the requirements of the pilot application with the conceptual design of C2-SENSE project is ensured by this task. The current application landscape of the end-users is documented in order to prevent any surprises that may arise at the later stages. (Download)

D7.2: Design of the Implementation of the Pilot Application Scenario – Flood Scenario

After the definition of the requirements in D7.1, the flood pilot application is designed. The exploitation of the C2-SENSE components in the pilot application is designed in detail. (Download)

D7.4: Functional and Non-Functional Evaluation Criteria for C2-SENSE Pilot Application

The C2-SENSE pilot applications will be deployed in Italy. The testing environment for the C2-SENSE pilot application, which will be developed on top of the integrated C2-SENSE components, will be constructed. The assessment criteria are defined as test case scenarios. The required tests that will be performed on the developed pilot application for the thoroughly examination of the system are defined. (Download)

D8.1: First Exploitation and Dissemination Plan

A first result exploitation plans are planned, indicating in detail what market and business opportunities will be favoured by the development of the new technologies produced in C2-SENSE. Concrete examples, supported by realistic business cases are presented. (Download)

D8.5: First Report on Intellectual Property Management

A planning and scheduling of innovation produced during the project and assessment of the opportunity for applying for patents or declaring copyrights. (Download)